Michael Breen saved me from getting scammed by several companies that promised to resolve my tax issues. I discovered that I had previously been speaking with sales associates (not tax specialists) who wanted cash up front to seal a deal to do an offer in compromise, requiring anywhere between $5,500 and $14,000. The day that I was to sign the contract with one of these companies. I received Michael’s letter in the mail and called him. Michael immediately impressed me with his HONESTY, his CONCERN for my situation and his EXPERT KNOWLEDGE OF TAX LAW. He spent a great deal of time with me over the phone and in evaluating my documents in order to give me a free recommendation. He saved me from making a HUGE mistake! If you need help and you want the best, give Michael a call. You won’t be disappointed. He’s an honest profession whom you can trust, who cares about people and wants only the best for THEM!

-SB Newport, NH

Mr. Breen helped me through a bankruptcy sale on my home. While I owed back taxes and I still owed him. The sale of my home resolved lien’s from the IRS and Mass DOR. Saved the future use of my GI Bill. I thank him for doing an exceptional job, highly recommend.

-GJ, Lowell, MA


It is with pleasure that I recommend Michael Breen as a tax advisor to you. I have been a client with Michael since 2011 when I came to him with serious federal tax issues. Michael worked diligently with me and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to resolve my issues and get me back on track. Owing more than $160,000 in back taxes, interest and penalties, Michael used his knowledge of the tax code and process to resolve my case for $10,000.

Michael was also able to advise me on New Hampshire business taxes. His extensive knowledge of all legal tax deductions saved our business over $30,000 in state taxes to NH in one year alone.

Michael is not only extremely knowledgeable on tax code, he is very easy to work with. He is nonjudgmental, professional and truly advocates for his client. In my case, when the IRS made a counter-offer, Michael did not accept it and went back to negotiate, resulting in the IRS accepting my original offer.

I highly recommend Michael Breen to anyone who has tax problems, a small business or needs to simply have a true expert to prepare or review personal taxes.

C.F., Exeter, NH


How daunting it is to get a letter from the IRS. With threats of liens and freezing bank accounts and requests for payment of dollars far beyond feasibility. I could not have been more fortunate than when I was referred to Michael Breen for help.

Immediately Michael was able to alleviate my fear of this situation. With a quick phone call to an IRS official and a fax of a few documents all action by the IRS was stopped and my appeal for a mutual agreement to resolution was underway.

Michael’s professional approach, attention to detail and unwavering diligence in recreating past and current financials and past years tax reporting to more than justify a significant decrease of dollars originally suggested to have been owed was nothing short of wizardry. The amount owed dropped from $48,000 to $6,200.

Michael exceeded all expectations…..

J.K., Litchfield, NH

“I spent years waking with a clenched stomach. Would today I find the IRS dipping into my checking account again? Would I receive another warning notice with additional fees tacked on because I haven’t responded to the other ten warnings?

Wishing the IRS away was just not going to happen. My attempts to settle the matter created more problems as I stood alone, uninformed, and uneducated about the ways of tax laws.

The matter needed to be dealt with and it was only after careful research did I settle on Breen Associates. They came highly recommended. Michael Breen thoroughly reviewed my case, provided multiple options to pursue and offered his seasoned advice. From day one the IRS was held back. Any calls or letters from the IRS were directed to Breen Associates and let me tell you, that is a liberating experience.

On my behalf, Michael Breen made an offer in compromise to the IRS, preparing and filing all paperwork. He counseled me on things I could do to help the situation and was right each and every time.
It is because of Michael Breen that my debt of $33K (which included penalties, fees, etc.) was reduced in an offer in compromise to $12K.

I cannot recommend Breen Associates more highly. They literally gave me back my life and silenced the fear I woke with each day.


“When I was first referred to Breen Associates I owed a substantial amount to the IRS and was almost sick because of the situation I was in. After my consultation with Mr. Breen, he not only reduced the amount I owed, but he set up a payment plan with the IRS that made it easy for me to get back on my feet. Not only have I had Breen Associates prepare my taxes for over ten years, but he is now preparing taxes for my family members and actually saved my mother over $9,000 in one year. Breen Associates is a company that I trust and have the utmost faith in to handle any tax situation for me.”


“My husband got into IRS tax trouble as a result of a downturn in his business and a divorce from his first wife. We married a number of years later, we waded through the process of dealing with the IRS on our own, filing all the paperwork, meeting face to face or conversing by phone. When we didn’t resolve the issue, we hired a former IRS agent, turned enrolled agent. Several years, and several payments to him later, our issue was still not resolved and was totally stalled.

We then interviewed two more Enrolled Agents and subsequently hired Michael Breen. It was the best decision we made in the whole long drawn out process of settling our IRS debt. I wish we had found him in the beginning of our trouble, because he was such a pleasure to work with, and he gave us confidence that he would be able to resolve things. He took on the unpleasant tasks of doing the paperwork and meeting with the IRS so that we didn’t have to, and he always kept us apprised of what was going on. He answered our questions, allayed our fears and was professional and cheerful in his manner. He went to bat for us and persuaded the IRS to take what we were offering (something our previous agent was unable or unwilling to do). He celebrated with us as a guest of honor at our banquet celebration of getting our IRS debt settled.

We found Michael to be warm hearted towards his clients, firm with the IRS, and meticulous and diligent in his paperwork. Through the years of our IRS chaos and stress, Michael walked with us through the entire unpleasant process, and I recommend him without reservation. He is a real gem in the midst of a field of uncertainty.”

S.P. Chester, NH

“After going through a seven year audit by the IRS, they determined that I owed 300k in back taxes. I found myself backed up against the wall with no way out. I tried dealing one on one with absolutely no results, a futile effort of my past. Because of my ignorance of IRS procedures, penalties, lien practices, and knowledge of up to date ever changing tax laws, my efforts to resolve my issue were futile to say the least. Imagining the remainder of my life ducking the long arm of the federal government was a most depressing state of mind. By luck, and I say luck, a business owner in Lawrence, MA gave me Michael Breen’s phone number. “Call this guy,” he said, “He’s an Enrolled Agent.” I wondered, “What the hell is an enrolled agent?”

After an hour long discussion with Mike, he assured me the whole situation was totally repairable and that I would be able to get my life back without the worry that something like this can cause. Meaning I could remain self-employed and get on with my life without having to worry about those lein notices and threats, and of not being able to function like the business man that I was, proud of my work and accomplishments. Mike stressed to me the importance of complying with all the tax procedures and that to resolve this problem would take a bit of time and effort on my part, but with his guidance, everything would work out to a positive ending. The man knew what he was talking about! With his professional determination and guidance my $300,000 debt was reduced to $10,500.

Man, what a difference! I have the weight of the world off my shoulders and have moved in a very positive direction in my financial dealings. The sky is now the limit and all I had to do was listen and comply. Besides being a truly professional businessman, Mr. Breen is a totally sincere and knowledgeable gentleman.

My most sincere thanks and gratitude go out to you Mike Breen, because you are the MAN! Thank you very much!”

Sincerely, J.R.

“To Whom it may concern:
I am a self employed truck driver, and have been a client of Mike Breen’s for the past year and a half. I was recommended to Mike Breen because of my delinquent tax situation. Mike has been excellent in taking care of all IRS issues, was very informative, and professional at all times. Mike has been my accountant and Power of Attorney in settling debt to the IRS and made all arrangements for my Offer in Compromise. Mike had negotiated a very comfortable payoff. Because of his hard work, I am now current with all tax issues. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Mike Breen for tax solutions.”


” Dear Michael,
I am writing to say thank you for all your help with my taxes. As you know, I tried one of those tax consultants on television. That was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. All it did was cost me, and nothing was resolved. I remembered I was so happy I made the change. Breen Associates made resolving my tax issues so easy and painless; I would recommend you to anyone that has a tax problem.
Michael, thank you again. I feel I was given a new start to life.”