When an IRS Agent shows up at your home, he or she is more than likely a Revenue Officer from a local IRS District Office looking to collect past due taxes or unfiled tax returns or both. During the initial contact, the Revenue Officer is required to provide their title, last name and employee identification number. The Revenue Officer is required to ask… Read More

IRS Summons is a tool utilized by the IRS when a taxpayer will not produce the desired records or other information voluntarily. Under the law the IRS has the authority to issue a summons to any person to produce for examination books, papers, records or other data, and to require such person to give testimony,… Read More

An IRS wage levy is usually served to a taxpayer’s employer not only as a means to collect back taxes, it is also used as a tool by IRS to get the taxpayer’s attention to take some type of action. In many circumstances an IRS wage levy is served because the taxpayer did not respond to mail from… Read More

An IRS wage levy has the potential to put a family out in the street if they or their employer don’t understand IRS practice and procedure with respect to wage levies. Unlike other levies, an IRS wage levy is continuous and attaches to future paychecks until it is released by the IRS. Wage levies are served to the taxpayer’s employer by Revenue… Read More

Appealing your IRS Audit results is an excellent idea if you disagree with the IRS Revenue Agent or Tax Compliance Officer’s findings. Just because the IRS Agent believes you owe an additional amount of money for a particular tax year, doesn’t mean it’s cast in stone. You have the right to appeal the IRS Agent’s tax audit findings. The IRS Appeals Office is the forum… Read More

IRS Tax Audits have the potential to create more serious problems with the IRS if a proper defense is not planned. You have heard the expression, “Fail to plan. Plan to fail”. I say, “Fail to prepare. Prepare for disaster”.  Not being prepared for an IRS audit could end up costing you more money than you… Read More

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) announced the arrest of five individuals alleging that they were involved in schemes that impersonate IRS agents and used threat of arrest to obtain money from victims by representing that the victims owed back taxes. The arrests occurred in Miami, Florida on May 23, 2016 without incident. It… Read More

If you cannot pay your taxes in full when you file your tax return you may qualify for a Guaranteed Installment Agreement. The law requires the Internal Revenue Service to accept proposals to pay in installments if the taxpayer is an individual who: Owes income tax of $10,000 or less (excluding interest and penalties), Has… Read More

Recently I received four calls from clients indicating that they received a voice mail from the IRS requesting a call back.These scammers now keep a data base with potential targets by name and telephone number. When the taxpayer calls back, the scammer requests the taxpayer’s name and telephone number. The scammer then looks in their data base to… Read More