IRS Agent showed up at my Home

When an IRS Agent shows up at your home, he or she is more than likely a Revenue Officer from a local IRS District Office looking to collect past due taxes or unfiled tax returns or both. During the initial contact, the Revenue Officer is required to provide their title, last name and employee identification number. The Revenue Officer is required to ask […]

IRS Summons

IRS Summons is a tool utilized by the IRS when a taxpayer will not produce the desired records or other information voluntarily. Under the law the IRS has the authority to issue a summons to any person to produce for examination books, papers, records or other data, and to require such person to give testimony, […]

IRS Telephone Scams with a New Approach on the Rise!

Recently I received four calls from clients indicating that they received a voice mail from the IRS requesting a call back.These scammers now keep a data base with potential targets by name and telephone number. When the taxpayer calls back, the scammer requests the taxpayer’s name and telephone number. The scammer then looks in their data base to […]